About Us

NC Services for Dentistry was established by the NC Dental Society to leverage the collective purchasing power of its members and secure more favorable rates and programs. Every service offered has undergone extensive research and review to help you minimize expenses and enhance your investments.

Why it Matters

By utilizing these cost-cutting measures, we can provide aid to member initiatives, further the philanthropic efforts of our Foundation, and promote optimal oral health across North Carolina.

Officers, Directors, and Staff of NC Services for Dentistry

Duncan Jennings - Chief Innovation Officer, djennings@ncdental.org (919) 439-2747, Prissy Allen - NCDS Governing Bodies Liaison, Dr. Tiarra R. Rorie, DDS - President, Dr. F. Vincent Allison, III, DDS - Vice-President, Dr. Andrew Perry, DDS - Past President, Robert Gomez, CPA - Secretary-Treasurer, Deborah J. Hylton - Director, Dr. Mark Scheiderich, DMD - Director, Dr. Catherine W. Bickley, DDS - Director, Dr. Jonathan Austin, DDS - Director, Ann Marie Calabria - Director, Dr. Tarun Agarwal, DDS -Director, Cindy Poole Roberts - Director