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COVID 19 Statement – As a result of COVID19’s impact on supply chains, products such as PPE and disinfectants have significant scarcity.  Consequently, NCSD has researched and recommended Emergency Use resources.  These sources have proven themselves with testimonials from NC Dental Society members.  Furthermore, these trusted suppliers have in stock inventory.  As a result of extensive research, they are the best known solution, but may not have been voted on our Board of Directors as an Endorsed Provider.  Additionally, all products listed are verified for use for FDA purposes during the Emergency Use Authorization.  If questions arise about a product or provider, please contact us.

Another great resource for COVID19 information to help you succeed would be www.ncdental.org/virus.  Additionally, during COVID19 and beyond, please visit The NC Dental Society and The ADA for the latest healthcare updates.

Reusable Face Shields

Although many faceshields are flimsy, heavy, imported & don’t work with loupes,

these shields designed for the U.S. military are perfect for healthcare.  Made in NC.

Instead of filling the landfill with cheap frames,

choose a face covering with super clear, replaceable lens

Furthermore, enter your dollar amount in the form and assembled face shields ship today!

$37 for 5 Shields

$134 for 20 shields

$341 for 50 shields


Nitrile gloves, Surgical Masks, 35,000 other Dental Supplies

The North Carolina Dental Society’s endorsed partner,

TDSC, is stocked.

Place your order today.

Disinfectant, Biocide


Discount Code NCDS20 – 20% off 4 Gal.

Diiscount Code NCDS –

5% off 1 Gal.

Replaces Cavicide, Non-toxic

 Wipe, Spray, or Mist

Place your order today.

Level 3 Masks, NIOSH N95s,

Purell Hand Sanitizer

10% Discount.

Bundle N95 and Level 3 Surgical masks and save!

 Click Here to Order Online or Call 1-800-624-5926

Level 1 and 2 Gowns

 Level II Non-Sterile Surgical Gowns, breathable,  Wrist cuff w/ elastic,

 $20 Case Discount Code NCDSGOWN20


 Lightweight, fluid resistant, Thumb loops,

$15 Case Discount Code NCDSGOWN15

Click Here to Place Order Online or Call 1-877-945-2876.

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