The NCDS Pooled Employer Plan 401K

Whether you are an Associate, own a successful practice, or considering how much you will save by switching to the NCDS Retirement Program, contact David Leap  Director of Advisor Distribution at RPSI.  You have the buying power of NCDS and platforms like Voya .  With NCDS Retirement Services, you have the choice and individual plan design for you.  RPSI is a NC company selected after an extensive research and vetting process for NCDS by

NC Services for Dentistry.

Act now and you may be eligible for tax benefits for starting a new plan.

Choose the Plan Your Design, Choose Your Planner

With NCDS Retirement Programs choose your own Certified Financial Planner, choose from a trusted list of planners, or manage it yourself. You also have the benefit of not having to sign an individual 5500 tax filing.  You can have and offer a wide variety of investment products and simple, online tools. Choose a PEP that offers you the freedom to offer individual plan designs and eligibility


Solutions for Your Long Term Needs


If you are an associate, 1099, or owner make the best informed decision on your options (better SOLOK’s, IRA options, cash balanced plans or defined benefits) to lower your tax burden and invest more aggressively. Act now and you can better invest in your future, increase benefits, and keep the best team members – all while lowering your fees and taxes!



requirements unique to your business and your team.  Act now and you can receive a Secure Act tax benefit for starting a plan.